1 on 1 Strategic Fertility Coaching


1 on 1 Strategic Fertility Coaching


Need full support while trying to conceive?

This package gives you full access to our Fertility Coach and includes:

  1. Holistic Fertility Consultation

  2. Personalized Optimal Fertility Plan (12 weeks)
    Includes: emotional, relationship, environmental, nutritional changes that help you conceive in a comprehensive, easy to follow plan

  3. Cycle analysis and Strategy for conception

    Includes analysis of your personal cycle to troubleshoot possible issues + recommendations for changes + strategy for timing conception.

  4. Private coaching calls with Fertility Coach
    Up to 12 included: can be scheduled weekly or every other week at your convenience. Calls are to check in on progress on plan, offer encouragement, answer questions, and for accountability.

  5. Educational email support weekly to answer questions and check in

  6. 12-36 “hopework” exercises to apply what you are learning

  7. Personalized recommendations for supplements, vitamins, and minerals

  8. Personalized referrals to complimentary medicine fertility enhancers

  9. And so much more support, empathy and care.

This Package is ideal for families who need full, intensive support while TTC.  Families must be willing to commit their hearts, souls and time to our full 12 week program. We suggest this package to families who have been TTC for over 3 months, those who have faced recurrent miscarriages, those families who are feeling overtaxed and fed up with their fertility journey thus far, and families who prefer more access and feedback from their Coach.

Queen Bee Fertility’s coaching program works with you over the course of a 12 week period to help you best prepare for the next phase in your fertility journey. After booking with Queen Bee, you will begin by completing the welcome packet and take in forms for your complimentary Consultation session. After the Consultation, your coach will work out a customized 12-week Fertility Plan consisting of 6 two-week modules for you and your specific needs. Your program will cover your emotional, relational, nutritional, and environmental needs, in addition to treatment plans, supplement recommendations, and bonus resources.

You will then meet with your coach (via phone or video call) once every week or every two weeks for the following 12 weeks with specific goals in each area (emotional, relational, nutritional, environmental, treatment). The focus of these sessions is to assess progress completed on your Fertility Plan, discuss specific challenges or weaknesses, delve deeper into trouble areas, answer relevant questions, and to offer emotional support. You will also set new goals and objectives for the following two weeks as you cover each module. You will receive a follow up email with notes from the meeting to keep for reference and to motivate you during the week.

During the course of your 12 week Coaching Package you can have unlimited email support with your coach who will answer questions, offer resources, and check-in with your progress and needs.

During the course of your work with the coach you will receive 12-36 “Hopework” exercises to help you find clarity, identify and address stressors, build on your relationships, and more. These will be addressed by your coach during meetings or on the email follow ups as necessary. The final meeting of your 12-week plan your coach will work with you to create a manageable plan for maintaining the growth and balance your have experienced during the span of your coaching relationship.

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