tools to help balance your fertility, naturally. 

Natural fertility consultation

Overwhelmed and don't know where to start? Been doing this a while and not sure what's missing from your treatment? Want to learn how to enhance your chances of success with Assisted Reproductive Technology? Want to learn about alternatives to Assisted Reproductive Technology? This is the consultation for you. 

1 on 1
fertility coaching


Queen Bee's Fertility course

This 12-week, interactive, easy to follow online course guides you step-by-step towards a more balanced fertility, in the privacy of your own home. In the 6-module course you will learn how to address your emotional, relational, nutritional and environmental needs to enhance your natural fertility. You will learn about appropriate treatments, vitamins, supplements, and herbs that can help you heal yourself. The course is interactive with videos, audios, activity sheets and transcripts. Coming June 1. 


Hand-blended, organic tea that enhances natural female fertility. Currently out of stock.  



You Flow GIRL

Hand-blended, organic tea that eases common menstruation issues. Currently out of stock.

Cherish premium sanitary napkins

Non-toxic, highly absorbent, cotton sanitary pads that wick away moisture and prevent odor with negative ions. Coming soon.

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